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De Brabander Schilderwerken provides all kinds of services. We can accommodate you with all your Painting Needs, Maintenance Advice, Spray-Painting, Wall Coverings and Color Consultation.



Painting Needs


Release all your worries and have your paint jobs be executed by de Brabander Schilderwerken. Our reliable professionals will take care of sublime finishes. We communicate clearly, so you will know what to expect; a beautiful result.



Maintenance Advice


Do you have questions about your wooden window frames? Or do you not understand why your self-build tree house is cracking down? We will supply you with honest advice for long lasting results.





In our own spray-painting cabin, we can revive every single object. Our specialists make use of special paint which leads to a strong, lasting, and solid coat of paint. We take orders from consumers as well as other (construction) companies.



Wall Coverings


Searching for a modern look? De Brabander is an excellent choice with regard to wallpaper and other types of wall decorations. We can cover your walls in modern colorful prints, photo wallpaper, or peaceful wallpaper with relief.



Color Consultation


Choosing the right color requires certain knowledge. A color can appear darker in a specific space, or might not go well with your floor or kitchen. With our knowledge and experience we can provide you with expert color advice.